Andrea was born in Milan in September 1967. At the beginning of his career as a photographer, he collaborated with various professionals creating catalogs and portraits. Among these stand out: Mario Benedetti, Claudio Sugliani, Luca Pignatelli, Pietro Capogrosso, Corbaccio and John Kerr. At the end of the 80s, he worked with Mondadori for the series of novels “Blus Mondadori” live by Stefano Magagnoli and with “Il Club degli Editori” whose artistic director at the time was Marco Baudinelli. For some years, collaboration with Lomography to the organization of several important events, including: an event within the Festival of the Theater of Polverigi (Ancona), sponsored by Hogan.
From this experience, Andrea begins the collaboration with the Della Valle Group – Hogan, Tod’s, Acqua di Parma, Fay – for which he creates press campaigns, catalogs and editorials for Italy, and thanks to which he has had the opportunity to work a close contact with Dr. Oscar Micucci. In the following years Andrea Pol was called by Swatch Italia to realize the advertising campaign of 1999 collaborating with the artistic director Giovanni Trevisson. At the beginning of the millennium he took up the position of Senior Artistic Director at the Aekon agency in Milan, a studio of great professionals founded by the creative islander Elvar Ingimarsson. In the last years of the last decade, they collaborated as a freelance photographer with a prominent figure, a various “worlds”, between: Rosaria Rattin, designer and founder of Kose, Walter Voulaz, for which to take some pictures of the garments. For some years, Andrea has been a photographer and creative director of Aekon Studio, a photographic and creative studio in Milan. Andrea is a versatile and eccentric photographer: Food, Still Life, Portraits and Architecture, are his favorite “scopes”.

“I could show you thousands of photos I have taken, but they will all be different from what I will do for you”.

photo by @marco_pona_ferrari